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The Workers’ Educational Centre Association (ABZ)

Workers’ Educational Centre
The Workers’ Educational Centre Association (ABZ) was founded in 1986. Since then we have organized a comprehensive educational and cultural programme for the broad mass of people. The centre supports the idea of an alternative to capitalism in our society. For this reason the centre has close links with the Workers’ Movement. The centre (ABZ) is non profit making and is run by volunteers. Our funds are used exclusively for the educational and cultural workers’ programme. The association is a recognised charitable organisation.

Our educational programme
Everyone can take part. You only need to be interested in issues which affect our daily lives, in political developments and the environment. Or you may want to know why the world is going off the rails and how you can change this to the benefit of the masses. Our programme for the term appears twice a year. Cultural evenings, foreign language courses and international connections all show that we are internationally active. The centre provides qualified speakers and teachers and we are always interested in extending our programme.

The ‘Open University’
The university will be ‘open’ again for the fourth time in 2007. You needn’t have ‘A’ levels or any other state examinations. It offers a forum for discussion on a basis of solidarity and debate between experts and all those interested in the subject. They can be workers or pensioners, young or old. The university is open to progressive and controversial ideas in the fields of science, literature and the arts. For further information see

Culture and cultural activity
These are very popular at the centre. New ideas and talents are made public through our optimistic and progressive approach to culture: This encourages a thirst for knowledge, instills confidence and promotes a feeling of solidarity. We welcome new ideas, whether dance, readings, exhibitions, concerts or courses in drawing, they all broaden and enrich our programme.

Cooperation and solidarity are important
The ABZ works with unions, on projects, in women’s groups and youth groups and in cooperation with progressive organisations and associations. They can use our accommodation and facilities. We worl alongside groups which promote international understanding and solidarity and we support activities against a reduction in social security payments, mass unemployment the destruction of the environment and imperialist wars.

Young people are especially important
What should the future look like for our young people? We have fierce discussions about it here. Young people and even children learn how to understand the world, how to change it, how to become independent and how to gain self-confidence. We offer such varied things as education courses for young people, anti-fascist information, scientific experiments, discussions on youth culture, advice on questions about love, friendship, marriage and career decisions. The centre often takes part in the Whitsun Youth Meeting.

Anyone can play an active role
We encourage any activity which supports our work. It can be the layout of and the advertising for our programme each term, voluntary work in our centres or financial contributions. The ABZ survives on the initiative of lots of different people, and here you can get to know some of them and find friends. Why don’t you become a member or a supporter? The ABZ must increase its number of centres, so that it can offer its educational and cultural programme to other towns and cities. For this reason we are setting up agencies, which are ABZ representatives. Please contact us if you are interested in taking part.

The ABZ social fund
This fund enables those who cannot pay for political courses at the centres to take part in them. The fund is financed by voluntary contributions alone. In this way we can show solidarity in fending off any attack on the livelihood of others. Anyone who wishes can support this worthy cause. Payments should be made to Account name: “ABZ-Sozialfonds”Account number: 0857788865 Bank: DiBa, Bank sort code: 500 105

Our facilities
The ABZ centres in Gelsenkirchen and Stuttgart offer excellent facilities for parties and celebrations, for free-time activities and breaks, for seminars, for group holidays and for educational weeks. We offer accommodation and meals if required. Youth groups are especially welcome. We offer special rates for them. Our centres have been extended and renovated thanks to the valiant efforts of members and friends. They are run by dedicated teams and owe their existence mainly to the generous voluntary work  and support of these helpers.

ABZ Gelsenkirchen
Conference centre in the Ruhr area (Ruhrpott) with accommodation, seminar rooms, pub/restaurant, room for special functions.
ABZ Stuttgart
Conference centre und guesthouse in the city with numerous places to visit in the area.